Akuo Energy International

Meet - September 9, 2009

Akuo Energy is a Europe-based developer, operator and investor of renewable energy plants across Europe, North and South America.

Akuo Energy invests in the development of projects across all of the proven areas of industrial renewable energy production and currently has management teams and subsidiaries focusing their development efforts on 3 continents.

Today, Akuo is actively developing several projects across a broad range of renewable energy sectors in Europe, USA and South America, including:

– Solar plants
– Wind Farms
– Hydro electric plants
– Biofuel plants
– Biomass energy plants
– Biogas plants
– Wood pellets production plants

The company is managed by an experienced which previously developed the 2nd largest wind-farm operator in France over a 4 year period (600 MW).

Akuo Energy originally began its activities in the wind energy sector, and today is one of the European leaders in this sector.

Below is a sample list of some of the reference projects that have been developed in the past or are currently in development:

• Perfect Wind France (sold to Iberdrola). This wind-energy portfolio was developed by the founders of Akuo Energy and consists of 130,9 MW in production, 61,0 MW under construction and 35,0 MW under development.

• Perfect Wind Turkey: Wind-energy portfolio consisting of 400 MW, with construction planned for 2008-2009.

• Perfect wind Poland: Wind-energy portfolio consisting of 150 MW with construction planned for 2008 and 150 MW under development with construction planned for 2009-2010.

• Akuo Energy USA: Akuo Energy is engaged in a joint-venture in Houston, Texas called AEM Wind. The joint-venture which will develop 2000 MW of wind-farms in the USA between 2008-2011.

• In addition, Akuo energy is evaluating the possibility of developing projects in various countries in South America, where the wind energy industry is relatively nascent in comparison to Europe and the USA.

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