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Do - October 18, 2018


I sat down for a chat with Gary te Roller. Listen here.

This week, we’re at Bambu Indah which is a 5-star hotel that is completely constructed in Bamboo! Imagine that for a second! John and Cynthia Hardy are the founding power couple of this eco-friendly establishment, and we get to meet John Hardy. The couple have been pushing the green movement in Bali since 1975 and are also the founders of the trail blazing Green School in Bali. From meeting his wife Cynthia, to the establishment of the John Hardy jewelry company, and the Green School, John really takes us on an exciting adventure. Be ready to be challenged in the best way possible.

We get to hear about how the Green School came to be. The school has been running for 10 years and to say it has been doing well is an understatement. This year they have 500 students from 35 countries of which 10 percent are local farmers’ kids on scholarship. It’s very clear that there is something special, and maybe even magical about the school. There is a very real contagious green effect that the school is spreading to its young people and their communities. The school is certainly making for a greener future by training future leaders.

John talks about how corporates and government can make a difference and shares how money is raised for kids that are on scholarships.

We hear of the amazing work being done by some of the local students and how they are already pioneering change in their communities, from making banana leaf paper to cleaning villages of mosquitoes, and even creating a bio bus which is run on used cooking oil. And believe it or not, these are all grade 8 students!


“Don’t get a job. Don’t ever get a job. Make jobs that make the world a better place.”
John Hardy

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