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Blog - September 4, 2017

A gas rich, ex Soviet mirage in the desert. Somewhere between Las Vegas and Dubai without any sin. Definitely the strangest place I’ve ever visited in my life. Highly recommend it because it’s there.

This is the city. No cars on the street. No traffic. Like nothing you’ve ever seen. The video on the plane says it all.

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Friday at the mosque. No one else there, just our guide and one guy watching us at all times. A mind bogglingly huge mosque.

Turkmenistan Mosque Turkmenistan Mosque Turkmenistan Mosque

The wedding’s over, you put the scarf in your mouth and you say nothing until the kids are born. You have no voice. For more on this astounding Turkmenistan tradition, read on.

Some women carry on the practice of wearing a yaşmak, head scarf, in the initial year after they are wed. The wife clenches the corner of her scarf in her teeth to show a significant barrier toward the male guests and to show respect to her parents-in-law. The scarf also stops her from communicating. The wife may stop covering her head with a yaşmak after a year of her wedding, after the birth of her first born, or by a decision within the family. – Wikipedia

The fashion was amazing. The cone shaped hats and the close-fitting clothes covering everything.

I got a new hat.

They’re still embroidering. Look at the pants- the ankles are the only part you can see under the robe. Everyone is wearing embroidered something.

The color was incredible. I guess New York is mourning the death of the planet, so everyone dresses in black. But there, no one is mourning anything.


The embroidery and color on clothing signifies how old you are.

When you come to a house your sleeves are tied together behind you on these coat-cloaks.

Huge bridal salons. They do the American bride thing as well as the traditional ceremony.

Mary, an incredible old Silk Road city.

The things they did with bricks… look at the work.

An amazing fort in the desert of Mary.

An old felt rug.

The National Museum is awesome.

The jewelry- insanity.

Pre-history, pre everything bird deities.  Thousands of years old.

The most beautiful yurt I’ve ever seen.

The President and a yurt.

Everyone’s baking bread.

and selling brooms.

The only old building in the country- everything else feel down in an earthquake in 1948. So they razed the rubble and built everything new.

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