Trash walking in Tulum

Our Green World, Trash Walks - June 15, 2016

Tulum beach survived the seaweed die-off plague, where the ecosystem changed and Tulum beach was unwalkable for many months. Coming back and seeing it in pristine condition was so nice, but when you start walking down the beach, further away from the hotels, you start to see bottles and other things.


I had meant to take a trash stick and bag with me, but didn’t get organized in time. Walking on the beach, I just couldn’t contain myself. I found a plastic bucket and then some rope; so I fixed the rope to the bottom of the bucket and started picking up trash. I noticed a lot of trash had handles. And then there was more rope, so before I knew it I had 200 pounds of trash which I was towing down the beach. People would actually come out of the jungle and help me pull it for a while. It was so heavy, I finally dumped it right in front of the Tulum hotel.
Sebastian Sas (founder of the amazing Nomade property in Tulum) had the honor of figuring out what to do with it.  It was really incredible. We have all these people dreaming about doing stuff with trash; the people in the hotel say the trash is worth 3 pesos (15 cents) a kilo and some of the people in the hotels actually recycle the trash. But wouldn’t it be great if these was a Sampah Jujur trash depot in the middle of Tulum? There are no shortage of people who need a little bit of extra funds- the garbage would be gone.

Trash walking in Tulum

More on Nomade Tulum:

Nomade Tulum is a human centered hotel, conceived as a temporary habitat for those ready to learn and share, ready to awake the soul, and free the mind.

It is a space in a sacred land where the mind, body and soul will be delighted and fulfilled by mother nature.

Located on the main beach of Tulum just steps away from the sea, and next to betulum hotel, it’s surrounded by the most beautiful sanded beaches along the Caribbean side.

Nomade Tulum Tulum Nomade

Nomade hotel in Tulum

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