The top 16 posts of 2016 on Green by John

Our Green World, Read - December 30, 2016

I never thought Green by John would take off like this. Thank you to all the readers and have a happy 2017. Here are the top 16 most-read posts of 2016 on Green by John.

From the bottom up: 

NO 16: MEET: The NALU Team
They saw something that wasn’t right, so they started a business to sell t-shirts to make it right. The story of the student-run social enterprise that is NALU made it to the 16 most read articles on Green by John for 2016.

NO 15: Spearing garbage, talking trash
The rule of the trash walk is simple, you have to keep walking, keep spearing and keep talking.

NO 14: Back to school with the new Green School classrooms
IBUKU designed and built  new classrooms for Green School. Take a look at the end result as the kids start using the spaces.

NO 13: IBUKU goes to Hong Kong
The end result of IBUKU’s design for TRi Restaurant came it at number 13 on the list. TRi is IBUKU’s first overseas project.

NO 12: What if kids could change the world?
One of the TED Stories from ARTE TV channel in France. The video was only posted in November but has had a lot of eyes on it already.

NO 11: Elora and Rajiv get married
An old one but everyone is still into it, it seems. The images can’t tell you the whole story– there’s no way they can explain it to you, but hopefully they will give you an idea.

NO 10: Revisiting Japan with my 19-year-old daughter
If your 19 year old is loving her monoculture, what do you do to open the gates? Take her to Japan.

They’re here in Bali and Denpasar. The ATM scans the bottle,  knows what it is and pays you cash based on the material.

NO 8: SEE: the wooden car by Toyota (and our bamboo buggy)
My question remains the same:  What about bamboo? Wood is wood, but bamboo is better.

NO 7: The Sumba House at Bambu Indah
The story of how and why I decided to replicate a traditional Sumba house in Ubud.

NO 6: Bye Bye Plastic Bags Founders speak at TEDGlobal
An incredible day, from Green School Bali to London!

NO 5: The best thing in Japan: Ishizaka Recyling Facility
Truly inspiring. The Ishizaka Recycling Factory is insane. It’s an hour and a half outside Tokyo and proves that almost 100% recycling is really possible.

NO 4: Bamboo Future at TEDxBlackRockCity
I went to speak at Burning Man. Watch the video if you haven’t had the chance.

NO 3: Coolest Kindergarten in Japan
Japan seems to be a theme of the top 16. This post covers my visit to the kindergarten from the famous TED talk.

NO 2: Watch the Bye Bye Plastic Bags TED Talk
Incredible. It’s over 1.1 million views already. Such an achievement.

NO 1: A dream of 108 houses to go with Green School
And at number one: Green Village’s beautiful bamboo houses. The post explores the concept behind the Green Village.

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