The Porrima & Gunter Pauli on Architectural Digest

Read - April 29, 2022

Our dear friend Gunter’s new project has been covered by Architectural Digest:


One Belgian entrepreneur and economist, though, is focused on something perhaps more important: The present. Gunter Pauli’s new venture—a solar-powered, 118-foot-long, 79-foot-wide ship dubbed Porrima—may not be the quick solution to environmental events, but it’s certainly helping. More importantly, it’s offering a legitimate response to climate change that could very well change the world.

Ships used for trade—not the ones Russian billionaires keep as toys or the cruises that traverse the Caribbean—generate more carbon dioxide than aviation annually. What’s more, they disrupt marine-based ecosystems and contribute to acidification. “Ocean transport emits more carbon than all planes combined. Porrima has proven that we can power ships with hydrogen from seawater, solar power panels, and more,” Pauli explains

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