The amazing Bambu Indah gardens

Bambu Indah, Kul Kul Farm - November 1, 2019

I realized I have never ever sent a picture of the Bambu Indah Gardens to anyone! I would like to thank Orin of Kul Kul Farm, Jody Roebuck, Cynthia and the team for their work that makes me so proud. For many years I’ve been saying food for people 💌food for animals💌 food for the land 💌. 🥦🥦 Michelle Obama and her organic garden in the White House gave me huge hope.🥦🥦 I still hold hope that my Queen will stop promoting toxic flower gardening and plant her own organic garden in front of the palace as she did during the war. We need victory gardens to save the planet.




What else do Orin and Maria do at The Kul Kul Farm?

We grow organic food using bio-intensive and syntropic farming practices. We make our own compost, raise our own seeds and save seeds whenever possible. Some of what we grow includes coconuts, bananas, passion fruit, kale, bok choy, rucola, eggplant, cucumber, pumpkin, peanuts, sweetcorn, ginger, turmeric, sweet potato, chilies, cassava, taro, sunflowers, butterfly pea, rosella and zinnia flowers.

We raise free-range animals like chickens and black Balinese heritage pigs.

We build with bamboo. Most of our buildings are built by our bamboo carpenters out of locally harvested and treated bamboo. We have 8 bamboo yurts and 4 bamboo rooms as accommodation for students and guests.

Make herbal remedies. We make and teach about herbal remedies, include herbal teas, salves, tinctures and essential oils.

We teach and host events, workshops and retreats. Find out what’s on here. We also have Bamboo U to teach architects and designers how to build and design using bamboo.

We consult, design & implement edible landscapes for resorts, restaurants and other projects in Indonesia. Orin has implemented productive landscapes and organic vegetable gardens for over 20 homes and resorts in Bali. Need help with your vegetable gardens? Get in touch!

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