Stories from the desert in Jaisalmer

Blog, See - March 15, 2018

We had the amazing opportunity to return to Suryagahr to attend a special INK Salon, Stories from the Thar.  Hosted by Manvendra Singh, we spent three days hearing the incredible speakers, sometimes at Suryagahr itself and sometimes in and around Jaisalmer inside ancient temples and historical sites.


An INK salon which will echo with strains of stories untold from the great and vast Thar Desert – two days of storytelling, merrymaking and networking, with the potential for some amazing collaborations to surface. The beautiful preview video released by Manvendra and his team shows the heritage and culture of the local folk indigenous to that majestic area – a place which has been long shrouded in myth and legend. 


Topics included the indigenous wisdom of desert dwellers in regards to water conservation, the design of sci-fi worlds as political imaging, the balance between man and machine, and the world of modern artisans in India.


INK SpeakersINK Salon JaisalmerINK Salon JaisalmerINK Salon Jaisalmer

Some of the talks were held on site, including at Amar Sagar, a beautifully crafted temple, and Bada Bagh, a cluster of chattris to pay homage to the deceased member of the royal family built in 16th century by Maharawal Jait Singh.


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