Spearing garbage, talking trash

Our Green World, Trash Walks - July 29, 2015

A parent, Peter Barge, walking from his bamboo house in Green Village to Green School, became frustrated at the amount of garbage on the path. He had PT Bamboo Pure make him the first trash spear. He is the founder of the Trash Walk. We found as we walked we were having a meeting, so we developed this Spearing Garbage and Talking Trash; although we met about many things, we were spending a lot of time meeting about finding scalable solutions to the trash problem. It’s a very beautiful experience to walk with someone and meet with them on any subject. The walking meeting is exceptional. The rule of the trash walk is simple, you have to keep walking, keep spearing and keep talking.

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Have a look at this video of the Trash Walkers that Dave Cornthwaite made of his walk.

If you’d like to join John one morning, send us an email. Spearing garbage and talking trash.

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