Portraits of the Hardy Family

Art - November 5, 2023

In the past two years we were lucky to have two family portraits created by two talented artists.

This family portrait was taken by Stephan Kotas using the Wet Plate Collodion Process. This half-forgotten process is a large format technique. It comes from the 1850s, from the very beginning of photography.



The second was this specially commissioned family portrait by Nilofer Suleman. Cynthia commissioned a family friend and artist to paint this portrait as a gift for John’s birthday. Indian painter Nilofer created this beautiful painting. The carpet seller is with Orin, Elora, Carina, and Chiara. And above, John and Cynthia with the grandchildren.

“Nilofer Suleman approaches her paintings in the spirit of a storyteller who enjoys nesting one episode inside another, arranging them within framed narratives and larger, circulating cycles of tales. Visually, her paintings embody the spirit of parataxis or collage through which the artists of the Mughal, Rajput, Pahari and Adilshahi ateliers bore witness to their experience of a complex and multidimensional world nourished by diverse sources of cultural inspiration.”

Via Sotheby’s 



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