Plastic: If they bring it in, they can take it out

See - April 29, 2022

The only people that know how to recycle these plastics are the corporations that make them. And the only people sending a truck up the mountain full of it are the corporations. And on the highest mountain and to the farthest island, the plastic is there. The corporations are really good at that. But the truck comes back empty.


But what if it brought the plastic packaging back to be recycled in their plants? The corporations can take it home in the truck, because if the truck brought a ton, the packaging is probably only 50 kilos. So there’s lots of room to take it back. And guess what? We have this system running like clockwork already in Bali. And it’s been running for years.



In all my trash walking, I have never seen an Aqua gallon (19-liter container). There are no Aqua gallons because Aqua is a full cycle. And when the plastic container comes back dirty or broken, they stick it in the machine, grind it up, put it back in the gallon-making machine, and guess what? It works perfectly. The truck goes out full of Aqua gallons and comes back full of empty Aqua gallons. So let’s just do it for all the other sizes.


Gary from Sungai Watch just created this video. A great idea from Pak Mangku to stop plastic from being used in Balinese offerings.


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