New Mexico beginnings: Adobe

See - October 26, 2021

We’re building a new place in New Mexico and looking forward to working with the magic that is adobe. There was a time when it was the only way, now it’s the forbidden way.

We had to get special dispensation from the bureaucrat gods to take our soil and make adobe bricks for our house right there where the house is being built.



This is Francesco. Francesco is the last Adobe brick maker… Working alone with the soil, sand, gravel, to create magic.


He’s making 43,000 bricks for us all by himself.


We are harvesting the dirt from our land and we will restore it after. In two years you’ll never know that we used this land for our own adobe, which at that point will have become our new house.


He is working without the benefit of asphalt and other chemicals that are the new way to make natural bricks. This house will probably be the first natural adobe brick house built in Santa Fe in many, many years.



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