Matriarchy Now in Milk Magazine

See - August 25, 2017

Chiara Hardy discusses all things Matriarchy Now in an interview in Milk magazine.

Firstly, as the creator of the brand, how would you define “Matriarchy Now,” and why do you feel it’s so important?

It means something different for everyone, but to me, it embodies a vision for the future, a demand for disruption and a declaration of power. Matriarchy Now is about changing/disrupting the predominantly hierarchical and patriarchal systems that we live in, and yes, I am wholly aware of the broadness of this claim. In its entirety, the demand for a matriarchy is a demand for the end of systemic violence of all kinds that are upheld by patriarchy. The literal definition of Matriarchy is part of the meaning that Matriarchy Now takes on, but Matriarchy Now aims to repurpose that definition into something greater. It’s a vision for a future in which women in positions of power uplift and change our society, because “a rising tide lifts all boats.” I think something people don’t get is the very simple thing that women’s rights are good for everyone. This perception that has really overshadowed a lot of the movement exists in the idea that when you empower women, you oppress men, and that just isn’t true.

Read on for more behind the brand and Chiara’s story.

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