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Blog - January 4, 2016

This holiday was the first in many years when we were really all together. It’s amazing having Cynthia back. It was incredible to watch the four kids interact with Rajiv and Maria in the mix. A wonderful experience. It’s hard to know what you’re missing until you have it. Right now I feel like I have a tremendous amount to be thankful for.

26 years ago in Bali, we were already doing the right thing by Christmas trees in Bali; we had a live tree in a pot. 26 years years later it’s the Christmas tree that ate the palm trees. It is taller than a palm tree. It’s magnificent. We’re very happy to have the tradition of the Christmas tree that grew big and then really big.


John with a tree in 1982.

John Hardy in 1982

Penny, John and Elora of Christmas past.

Christmas Bali 1985

Baby Orin and THE Christmas tree 26 years ago.

Christmas Bali 1988

The tree ten years ago.

Christmas 2005

This year we had a picnic under the tree.

Cynthia and Christmas in Bali

Celebrating Nayan’s first Christmas.

Christmas in Bali

John Hardy at Christmas

Complete with gifts of goats for Maria and Orin

Goats for Christmas presents

Orin and his Christmas goat

and handpainted paper by John.

From John to Cynthia

Finishing with a Balinese full moon ceremony in the afternoon.

Chiara, John and Carina




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