Listening to your gut

Read - November 9, 2017
When things are really important and controversial, like healing people with food instead of drugs, you always wonder if it’s true. But when you read or listen to Brain Maker, it’s exactly the same story as Gundry’s Plant Paradox, the same premise. It’s all about healing very important things with food, which changes the human gut microbiome. Brain Maker is mind boggling, as is Dr Perlmutter’s other book, Grain Brain.  
I had eight people tell me I had to read Sapiens within one month. So now I’m telling you: read this book. The guy is spellbinding.
I previously recommended Obesity Code and Eat Dirt.  I realize now they are all talking about the same story from different angles. So much information coming out right now all about this; so many things can be cured, changed and averted by diet. There’s not money in it for corporations, so it’s all being stonewalled. The drugs are only masking the symptoms, but food can’t be patented so the research is being ignored.  We’ve sanitized ourselves into unhealthy biomes and all sorts of sicknesses.

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