Elora and the Radical Renewal campaign for John Hardy Jewelry

Design, IBUKU - May 15, 2021

This spring, John Hardy Jewelry partnered with Elora Hardy to create a video essay that explores the process and ethos behind sustainable bamboo design.


Throughout their process, the IBUKU team operates in harmony with the region’s natural ecosystem, working with carefully selected bamboo timber that has been sourced from the river valleys and mountains around the islands of Bali and Java. In order to maintain the resource, they harvest only from mature bamboo clumps, which continue to grow a new generation of shoots the following year.

Since 2010, the IBUKU team has designed over 100 structures, employing a radical design language that evokes the curvilinear lines of living bamboo cane. Their work is intricate yet organic, marked by petal-shaped roofs, hand-woven towers and open-air layouts that bring in the outdoors.

Read more on the blog.

The campaign also featured the work of Arief Rabik with the Environmental Bamboo Foundation as he continues the legacy of his mother, Linda Garland: ”The Bamboo Village Initiative is an Environmental Bamboo Foundation program that works to restore degraded tropical forests and create sustainable economic opportunities across rural Indonesia. Its goal is to restore two million hectares of land by 2030, through empowering 1,000 rural villages with sustainable agroforestry.”


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