Dr Gundry’s Cookbook

Read - April 20, 2018

If you’ve been a long time reader of this blog or the newsletter, you would have heard me mention Dr Gundry. And if you’ve met me in the last year, I’m sure I’ve given you a copy of Plant Paradox or The Diet Evolution.

Dr Gundry now has a cookbook to help you navigate the world of lectin-free food.

Plant Paradox Cookbook

The book has had a lot of press- including Mindbodygreen and The Independent.

According to Gundry, the “highly toxic” protein is abundant in a myriad of so-called “health” foods such as gluten-free breads, conventional dairy products and even some fruits, vegetables, nuts and beans.

Despite numerous other health benefits, “clean eating” staples such as peanuts, courgettes, peas, aubergines, peppers and potatoes are all rich in lectins.

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