Building with Consciousness: Bamboo Housing in Mexico

See - August 16, 2018

Lucila Aguilar, a green architect and friend of mine from Mexico, recently sent a series of photos into my Whatsapp inbox that made my day. She has created a series of bamboo and sustainable houses for rural communities.

Bamboo social housing in Mexico

A little about the project: 

Rescuing the Color and Magic of Mexican Peoples
Mixed Use Housing and Building with Consciousness for Green Planet

Grow your House is a proposal for Sustainable Social Housing that seeks to be a catalyst for change and inspiration by proposing a scheme that disseminates well-being and promotes social and environmental awareness in its inhabitants and their communities.

In addition to rescuing the essence of traditional Mexican architecture and its magical towns, it brings beauty, color, joy and dignity to those who inhabit these spaces.
By means of a replicable, modular, adaptable model, it’s easy to construct and accessible. It also promotes the transfer of technologies and boosts the local economy, improving the quality of life and balance within the natural and cultural context of the beneficiaries.

Modular bamboo housing

Grow Your House started as a social housing project managed by Uumbal for its field workers. Uumbal is an agro-forestry company with 15,000 hectares of pine and palm plantations in southeastern Mexico -Chiapas, Veracruz, Tabasco and Campeche.

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