Becoming a HATCHer in Montana

Blog - September 30, 2015

“Yarrow Kraner, Will Travers and bears. What more could you want? The conference was intimate, loving- more loving that any conference I’ve ever been at. Full of mentoring, knowledge. I did a wonderful interview with Will Travers about life and times. If you haven’t been to HATCH, apply. It is magical. We didn’t see any bears, but we did see footprints and scat, though. Apparently you can track animals using that.”

HATCH is the creation of Yarrow Kraner.  The annual HATCH experience is an invite-only 3.5 day summit for 100 carefully selected thought leaders from around the world brought together in the mountains of Montana. The carefully curated group of innovators is comprised of disruptors, inventors, grammy-winning musicians, filmmakers, technologists, CEOs, social impact change makers, educators, designers, and more. HATCH is a peer-to-peer mentorship mash-up summit where ideas, insights and inspiration are exchanged and activated from diverse disciplines and industries. Programming includes interactive prototype workshops, talks, live music, short film screenings, and think tanks, where guests apply their insights to real world problems and rapid prototype real solutions to HATCH a Better world.  The unique careful curation leads to surprising collaborations, product inventions, company launches, and more. Full list of 2015 attendees is here

Montana and HATCH 2015

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