Bambu Indah through the eyes of Oetomo Wiropranoto

Bambu Indah, Meet - July 9, 2018

Oetomo has been coming to Bambu Indah and on Trash Walks for a while now. We met after he and his family attended one of The Kul Kul Farm’s Permaculture Design Course.

He’s an incredible photographer, one of Indonesia’s best, and turned his lens onto scenes from Bambu Indah and the surrounding landscape.

About Oetomo

Born in 1966 in Jakarta, Indonesia, Oetomo Wiropranoto is a prolific photographer whose super panoramic style has made him the central figure of Indonesian photography today. In spite his early interest in art, Oetomo only debuted in the photography scene in 1997 after marrying his long time partner and mentor. He quickly found his distinctive photography style, often includes strong approach toward composition as well as unusual angles before coming to national prominence when appointed to lead Nivea Regional Asia Campaign in 2002. Throughout the 2000s, Oetomo was immersed in endless commercial campaigns that brought him to travel around the world, leading him to his newfound love that is scenic panorama images.

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