Incredible bamboo design in China at the Design Library

Blog - January 3, 2017

I went to China to speak in December. This conference I went to was in the middle of bamboo land in China. It was incredible to speak there. Many people in audience had never seen a real bamboo building.

I also visited and spoke at the From Yuhang Rong Design Library. Incredible space and cool people.

In their words:

“FROM YUHANG RONG DESIGN LIBRARY” is built by PINWU Design Studio and Yuhang Government in Hangzhou China. It focuses on Chinese traditional handcraft research and each material deconstruction from the craft. The Library offers designers Chinese traditional materials such as bamboo, paper, clay, porcelain, copper, silver, silk, etc. Remains of ancient Chinese folk culture are still to be found, hidden in villages. Library is passionate collecting the knowledge from the old craftsman.

They are doing wonderful things with bamboo and natural materials, like this lamp of bamboo paper.

Clay top tables- completely organic. When you touch it, you’re in heaven. Curved tops.

Ceramic table from the Design Library

Reusable cups in the old enamelware style.

Bamboo lamps made with bamboo paper.

Award-winning paper pulp chairs made from bamboo paper.

Bamboo pulp chair

Such cool people.  All these tiny bamboo chairs in the space I spoke in.

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