Bali’s ‘Trash Emergency’ and what you can do now

Do - January 18, 2018

Every year the rainy season here in Bali makes the consequences of our plastic problem extremely obvious as our beaches get covered in more plastic than sand. This year the government declared a ‘garbage emergency’. Press across the world has exposed our shameful situation- from this piece in, to TheInertia and Traveller, and finally this amazing AJ+ video. The government has in the past blamed other islands in Indonesia and even called it a ‘natural phenomenon’, but it’s clear that it’s coming from our rivers and Bali’s poor garbage management.


Bali's Trash Emergency

Trashy beaches are a big problem in Bali.

Posted by AJ+ on Monday, 1 January 2018

The team at Make a Change World also released a video about the horrible situation unfolding across the coastline of Bali in early 2018:

Bali's beaches are covered in trash!

Bali, the island of gods with once pristine beaches is now filled with plastic and is crying for your help! The Indonesian government needs to take action now against single-use plastics! #BaliTrashEmergency

Posted by Make A Change World on Wednesday, 17 January 2018


So what can you/we do here in Bali to get rid of the garbage?

1. Take care of your own trash

If you live here in Bali, make sure you sign up for a recycling service so your own trash ends up in the right place. Eco Bali has one of the best services and most experience. Sign up your house, your friends’ houses, your business- no more excuses. It’s less than USD 9 a month.

2. Support organizations lobbying the government

Bye Bye Plastic Bags is still going strong in its quest for a Bali-wide plastic bag ban.  Support them however you can- donate, attend an event, share their content.

3. Break your own addiction to single-use plastics

Get a metal or glass refillable water bottle, refuse plastic straws in restaurants, carry a tote bag with you so you can refuse plastic bags in shops and supermarkets. The list goes on. Try any one of these 31 suggestions to start changing your impact on the world and reduce the amount of plastic garbage.




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