Move all your communications to WhatsApp

I got this message recently… When you’re a very busy guy,  moving your people, suppliers and work groups to WhatsApp will save you hours of…

Becoming a HATCHer in Montana

“Yarrow Kraner, Will Travers and bears. What more could you want? The conference was intimate, loving- more loving that any conference I’ve ever been at….

Speaking at TEDxBlackRockCity

John on his TEDxBlackRockCity experience at Burning Man: I spoke at  TEDxBlackRockCity. It was amazing and really a shock to speak without big, beautiful pictures….

Thoughts of Burning Man

My first thought- if someone made a proposal for a festival of 85,000 people in the desert, no one in their right mind would fund…

Coconut tales

Coconut trees are famous for making coconuts. I was once hit by a coconut, almost died. Around Bali, in all of the hotels and all…

Spearing garbage, talking trash

A parent, Peter Barge, walking from his bamboo house in Green Village to Green School, became frustrated at the amount of garbage on the path….