A profile of Cynthia Hardy

Press, Read - July 21, 2017

A wonderful interview and profile of Cynthia Hardy in MM. Lafleur. Cynthia talks about travels, her life as a mother, and her role as co-founder of Green School and more.

ON FOUNDING A HOTEL… AND A SCHOOL: We started building our house in Bali in 1995, and it was finished in 1997. Then, in the early 2000s, a piece of land just south of ours came onto the market. We didn’t need more space, but we knew that if we didn’t buy it someone else was going to build a hotel there. So we bought it and sat on it for a few years. We knew this really industrious guy from Java, and we asked him to find us some furniture and old wooden houses—traditional ones built in primitive ways, from logs, without panels. We put them up on that land and had the Neiman Marcus buyers come out and stay there. Eventually, we decided to turn it into something that paid for itself, and now it’s a little hotel called Bambu Indah that’s essentially an extension of our home. It has become John’s passion project. The floors creak, there’s holes in the wood, and our pool is more like a pond—there’s algae in it, and there’s a beautiful rope swing. The food is exquisite, and rooms are full of antiques we find on trips. It’s for the off-the-beaten-path traveler, and it’s gorgeous.

Read the whole interview over at MM. Lafleur.

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