5 Most-Read Green Posts in 2017

Read - January 8, 2018

Welcome to the highlights of 2017! Thank you to everyone who follows this blog- whether you get here by being one of the nearly 20,000 newsletter subscribers, or 6,000 Instagram followers, or a Facebook fan- and takes interest in the Green Family’s news.  Here are your top 5 favorite blog posts of 2017:

1. Make a Change Bali 

Proud to be featured with Sampah Jujur and the trash economy on this great series of videos from Gary Bencheghib for Make a Change Bali. The project consists of 30 videos of people leading the way to a more sustainable world in Bali. Over 1.7 million people have watched this video to date.

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2. Things you have to do and see in India

John Hardy and the cow phone

A list of my favorite hotels and shops in India. These are secret so use them wisely.

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3. Back to the Breast: An inflatable installation by Carina Hardy

Carina Hardy

The last few months have been a whirlwind adventure of material testing, model making, and production managing the creation of a large-scale art inflatable called Back to the Breast; and finally, this February in Thailand we debuted the installation at Wonderfruit festival.

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4. The future of bamboo is happening in China

Bamboo load

I’ve had to create three blog posts just to chronicle all the amazing bamboo innovation and design I saw in China. They really are using this grass to its full potential there. A few of the other things I saw while I was there, including a visit to a bamboo lumber factory, live bamboo fountaining wine and a visit to the Craft Museum of China.

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5. The permaculture gardens of the Sumba Hospitality Campus

Orin has been working on the gardens at the Sumba Hospitality Foundation as long as the IBUKU team were planning the beautiful buildings. They have really become something special.

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