2019 to 2020: Letter from John

Our Green World, Read - January 10, 2020

In 2019 I turned 70 years old. 2020 is upon us. Things are accelerating at an exponential pace. Time is short for me, for the planet and for all you incredible people I eventually will leave behind.

2019 highlights

YPO Edge South Africa
I was terrified when I hit the stage with the biggest screen I ever saw. I had to change the clicker from my right hand to my left because my hand was shaking convulsively. For the next 12 hours I was lost in a sea of praise. A french man hugged me and told me he cried. The ultimate compliment. Please watch the talk.


Return to London
I thought the Victoria and Albert Museum was a repository of other people’s treasures. I found out it is much much more than that. IBUKU was asked to do an exhibition of its bamboo model buildings for the London Design Festival. One of them is now in the permanent collection of the V&A/Smithsonian. Thomas Heatherwick hosted Elora and me for a night of bamboo at his studio.


Penny 😇 left us and Nusa Nim 👼 , the sweetest baby ever, arrived.


Never drive jet lagged.
After a 15 mile unsuccessful search for coffee in Canada, I could have left the planet 🌏


Orin spoke about Bamboo U at INK in Jaisalmer.


Carina’s breast inspired jewelry collection, Elppin, went mainstream at Fashion Week 🗽


Chiara goes to jail…YALE!


Elora conquers England 🇬🇧
She now has a club. She received an Honorary Royal Designer for Industry Award, the highest accolade for designers in the UK. I’m hoping I get father visiting privileges at the club when I’m in London.

1774 — who knows maybe the great great great grandfather carried these bricks.


Cynthia and I turned 130 in Burma 🇲🇲. Best birthday any couple could ever have.


Everyday with Cynthia is a love story ❤ 💗💚


What’s coming in 2020:

Green School #2 opens on Valentines Day 😍 in New Zealand fully subscribed and ready to rumble. Cynthia and I will be there for the opening.


Bamboo school soon coming out of the earth in Tulum, Mexico 🇲🇽


Orin and Maria are expecting 👶! Bamboo U is expecting Neil Thomas of Atelier One, Pratt Institute, a possible bamboo structure in Times Square and much much more.


Apple TV+
Watch for something epic, I can’t tell you what (bamboo).


Bambu Indah adds a magic bamboo bed for you!


Green School South Africa 🇿🇦 is being made from earth, opening early 2021.


I am embarking on a journey 🚢 to Hainan, Istanbul, Cypress, Rotterdam, London, Tulum, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paolo and New Zealand. I’m dreaming about Green Schools around the world, stay tuned! We’re keeping Pakistan, Iran, Iceland and Argentina for the next trip.

Love, John

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