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John Hardy at MIT

The top 16 posts of 2016 on Green by John

I never thought Green by John would take off like this. Thank you to all the readers and have a happy 2017. Here are the top 16 most-read posts of 2016 on Green by John. From the bottom up:  NO 16: MEET: The NALU Team They saw something that wasn’t right, so they started a business to sell t-shirts to make it right. The story of the student-run social enterprise that is NALU made it to the 16 most read articles on Green by John for 2016. NO 15: Spearing garbage, talking trash The rule of the trash walk is simple, you have to keep walking, keep spearing and keep talking. NO 14: Back to school with the new Green School classrooms IBUKU designed and built  new classrooms for Green School. Take a look at the end result as the kids start using the spaces. NO 13: IBUKU goes to Hong Kong The end result of IBUKU’s design for TRi Restaurant came it at number 13 on the list. TRi is IBUKU’s first overseas project. NO 12: What if kids …

Bamboo building course Bamboo U 2017

Join us for Bamboo U 2017

The Bamboo U camp held in 2016 was incredible. Take a look at the video below and then join us for the 2017 version.  Bamboo U is a design and bamboo building workshop in Bali hosted by the Kul Kul Farm at the Green School; facilitated in collaboration with the bamboo design firm, IBUKU. Bamboo U is an opportunity to design and build with bamboo alongside some of the architects, designers and craftsmen who built Green School. The group will investigate the available sites and hear from Elora Hardy and her team at IBUKU, the design firm that designed many of the classrooms at Green School and all the houses at Green Village.   

Gunter Pauli

MEET: Gunter Pauli

Gunter Pauli will be the Key Note Speaker at the 2015 Green School Graduation. Initiator of the Blue Ecocomy, he’s been called the Steve Jobs of  Sustainability. If you haven’t seen his TEDxTokyo talk, watch it.

READ: Three Springs by Alan Wagstaff

When I first read it I immediately wanted to visit this school centered community. Unfortunately it only existed in a Visionary’s mind. Now you can come to Green School. Three Springs is a design concept for a living community. Essentially it is a village, containing all the ecological, biological, and sociological elements needed to promote a sustainable, holistic, and quality lifestyle. It is proposed as an inspiring model for the wider community. The nucleus of the village will be a school. The school will provide a genuine heart, where emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence, kinesthetic intelligence, and beauty are prized. It will infuse enthusiasm and purpose into the entire project. The workshops, homes, farms, and businesses; craftspeople, artists, families and individuals will have a direct, practical link to the educational provision.