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Sugar is a drug

READ: Is sugar the world’s most popular drug?

This article came via Cynthia and it’s really and truly worth reading. It’s going to be bigger than the war on tobacco so let’s get ready. Sugar does induce the same responses in the region of the brain known as the “reward centre” as nicotine, cocaine, heroin and alcohol. Addiction researchers have come to believe that behaviours required for the survival of a species – specifically, eating and sex – are experienced as pleasurable in this part of the brain, and so we do them again and again. Sugar stimulates the release of the same neurotransmitters – dopamine in particular – through which the potent effects of these other drugs are mediated. Because the drugs work this way, humans have learned how to refine their essence into concentrated forms that heighten the rush. Coca leaves, for instance, are mildly stimulating when chewed, but powerfully addictive when refined into cocaine; even more so taken directly into the lungs when smoked as crack cocaine. Sugar, too, has been refined from its original form to heighten its rush …

John and his kale at Bambu Indah

Victory Gardens for the Future

The English spent so much time studying strange bugs and plant species over centuries, but never focused on food. During the war, the food ran out, and they had to start planting food gardens or victory gardens. Read all about Victory Gardens here. It gets more and more clear to me, right now, we need victory gardens for the future. We’ve started at Bambu Indah.  Every hotel, every house should have a food garden. Start with your house. Even Queen Elizabeth has one.    

WATCH: Ron Finley- A Guerilla Gardener

Ron Finley plants vegetable gardens in South Central LA — in abandoned lots, traffic medians, along the curbs. Why? For fun, for defiance, for beauty and to offer some alternative to fast food in a community where “the drive-thrus are killing more people than the drive-bys.”

READ: Obamas Plant Organic Kitchen Garden at White House

WASHINGTON (CNN) – Want to know where the presidential produce comes from? Take a walk past the White House. The answer may be planted right in front of you. First lady Michelle Obama helped break ground on a new White House organic “kitchen garden” Friday. It will be the first working garden at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. since Eleanor Roosevelt planted a so-called “victory garden” at the height of World War II. This time, however, the enemy is obesity. The first family is hoping to send a clear message to a fast food-driven nation that often seems to be losing the battle of the bulge. “We’re just hoping that a lot of families look at us and say this is something that they can do and talk to their own kids about and think a little bit critically about the food choices that they make,” said Marian Robinson, the president’s mother-in-law. Video Watch Michelle Obama tell students about the garden » The first lady told a group of Washington schoolchildren on hand for the occasion that …