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Waiting for Superman film

WATCH: Waiting for Superman

A must watch film for anyone interested in the education system. Throughout the documentary, different aspects of the American public education system are examined. Things such as the ease in which a public school teacher achieves tenure, the inability to fire a teacher who is tenured, and how the system attempts to reprimand poorly performing teachers are shown to affect the educational environment. Teaching standards are called into question as there is often conflicting bureaucracy between teaching expectations at the school, state, or federal level. The film also examines teacher’s unions. Michelle Rhee, the former chancellor of the Washington, D.C. public schools (the district with some of the worst-performing students at the time), is shown attempting to take on the union agreements that teachers are bound to, but suffers a backlash from the unions and the teachers themselves. Statistical comparisons are made between the different types of primary or secondary educational institutions available: state school, private school, and charter school. There are also comparisons made between schools in affluent neighborhoods versus schools in poorer ones. …

Ubud kids selling garbage to Sampah Jujur

Ubud schools joining the fight against plastic with Sampah Jujur

Public schools around Sayan in Ubud, Bali are starting to take advantage of their trash problem. Sampah Jujur volunteers Ibu Kadek, Pak Ketut and their son, Gian, also part of the Green School family, have been visiting a few schools around the Sampah Jujur HQ in Sayan, Bali, to share the news that Sampah Jujur is now buying plastic to be recycled. Today, SMP N 2 Ubud (a public middle school) and five SD (public elementary schools) are partnering up with Sampah Jujur to sort their trash and get cash in return for their recyclables. Sampah Jujur, led by John Hardy, hosts a trash walk every day (except for Sundays) starting at 7am from Bambu Indah. Many individuals that share a passion to make Bali cleaner and plastic-free joins the trash walk and help to sort their trash haul into different categories of garbage. Sampah Jujur HQ is located in a traditional market in Sayan and next to a public elementary school, so local residents have started to ask questions and learn what it is all about. …

Green Supercamp

Green SuperCamp: The most powerful learning experience available

When my kids came home from SuperCamp, I was totally astounded at the things they had learned and the growth that had happened in a short residential camp. In my view, it’s the most powerful learning experience available. My daughter, Chiara, came home and said, “If you’re early you’re on time, if you are on time, you’re late, and if you’re late, you’re left behind again.” Can you imagine learning that at 11 years old? Being early takes all the stress out of all your movements. If you screw up you’re still on time, if you have a few minutes to wait, you do something else. Many people never learn that. And that was just one tiny thing of a plethora of information and experiences they had. The 7 day non-stop activities, is the place where students experience a shift in learning through academic enrichment classes, exhilarating outdoor challenges, personal growth and character building exercises. GET MORE INFORMATION » BOOK 2015 DATES: Junior SuperCamp » June 29 to July 5 Senior SuperCamp » July 8 …

Huffington Post: Holistic, Student-Centered School in Bali Inspires U.S. Teacher Once Again

Interesting thoughts and observations from M Shannon Hernandez after she visited Green School on the Huffington Post blog. Read more here. From composting, to solar panels, to a future hydroelectric station, students are immersed in a variety of subjects every single day and learn to solve problems in a hands-on way. These principles should be a core component of every student’s educational experience–because, as educators will tell you–we know that students learn best when they “do”. We also know that when students are interested and invested in the content and delivery, real learning takes place.