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Talks and videos recommended by John

Make a Change Bali with John Hardy

Make a Change Bali

Proud to be featured with Sampah Jujur and the trash economy on this great series of videos from Gary Bencheghib for Make a Change Bali. The project consists of 30 videos about people leading the way to a more sustainable world in Bali. The videos have been going viral and if you haven’t see Kevin, founder of Avani, drinking one of his bio plastic bags, you’re seriously missing out.

Heather Blair at INK

WATCH: Breaking the silence by Heather Blair

Activist and Green School graduate Heather Blair speaks powerfully on how to eradicate the ‘silence’ surrounding the topic of sexual assault and the need to use the power of social media to foster an environment that encourages people to share. About Heather:  Heather Blair is 17 years old and a recent graduate of The Green School in Bali, Indonesia.  She lives between Canada, California, Bali and the Caribbean.  Having studied musical theatre, acting and improv since she was five, Heather has taken these skills and put them towards speaking about sexual assault. She prides herself on being a human rights activist, actress, screenwriter and feminist.  Her objectives going forward include completing a short film and attending University in New York. She is plant based, enjoys football, film, fashion, photography and Krav Maga.

Dali and Finn from Nalu at INKTalks

WATCH: NALU tells the ‘Give to Get’ story at INKTalks

NALU has just launched their line of organic sweatshirts in L.A. “It’s been so amazing to moving to producing organic streetwear so we can support the planet and people’s health. It’s all being produced in an organic factory in India,” says Dali Schonfelder, co-founder of NALU. Listen to them tell their story of how they founded their enterprise, starting from a simple desire to help their friends in rural Indian schools get school uniforms. Recorded at INKTalks in Goa. 

John Hardy in TED Stories film

TED Stories: What if kids could change the world?

Part of a series of stories created by ARTE France for TED Stories.  This 50 minute documentary features interviews from John Hardy, Orin Hardy, and staff and students from Green School Bali as they explore how children can change the world. At 11 and 13 years-old, Melati and Isabel Wijsen started an enormous fight to force their government to ban plastic bags in Bali. Their island crumbles under mass tourism and consumption. An army of little hands strives to hide it all. Stakes are high. 67% of GDP depends on tourism. And the plastic crisis only makes climate change worse. We went to meet the two sisters in their home in Bali, a paradise at the forefront of climate change. They share their experience on activism and kids empowerment and their secret : Melati and Isabel attend Green School, in the heart of Bali. Founded by John Hardy, this experimental school immerses kids with their reality : a world about to end, and another one to invent.

TED Talk

WATCH: Two great talks… Plus an instructional video

The first talk is about parenting—I think it’s really important to put this out and call it ‘kidding’ because parenting is only possible with kids involved.  And the second one is Helen Fisher talking about love and she’s just a dream. I believe I met the love of my life and I’m still with her. It’s a great talk. – JH

TOMRA Recycling machine

WATCH: The incredible trash sorting machines of Poland

This TOMRA Autosort machine is incredible. It can detect color, shape, material and so much more to get the last tiny piece of trash to right recycling pile. The video shows the Autosort machine in action in Warsaw, Poland. In TOMRA’s rather opaque jargon, this is how they describe their machine: As the most flexible sorting system within TOMRA Sorting Recycling’s product family, the AUTOSORT combines detection of color and enhanced material information resulting in a multifunctional system that optimizes effectiveness across a broad variety of applications.  

INKTalks on Edible Cutlery

WATCH: The inventor of edible cutlery speaks

A radical way to counter obnoxious plastic. “It’s amazing how much a researcher can learn when he starts to think. We seem to be researching endlessly, but this guy seems to be actually doing something. It’s such an amazing initiative. Please watch the talk. Here’s more about INKTalks.”  

CleanWorld biodigester

WATCH: CleanWorld’s BioDigesters

Take a look at this. It’s a for profit company working in Sacramento that collects food waste in gas powered trucks. We could actually take every single bit of biomass we have produced, found, excreted and put it into a digester and make gas for our vehicles or create electricity. That would then just leave us with the plastic and metals, which we can 100% recycle. This is really amazing thing to watch. So exciting to think about composting everything we have lying around, including poop and pee and everything else that is organic. Thank you Angus and Duncan for letting me know about it and Clean World for making it happen. This is an incredible future to look forward to. -JH CleanWorld specializing in repurposing organic waste into the forms of transportation fuel for vehicles and electricity. Check out all of the great things CleanWorld BioDigesters do that help clean up our world.

Green Stone talks

Talks that make me tingle: The 2016 Green Stone speakers

I was so moved and inspired by the Green Stone talks (delivered by the Green School Bali graduating class each year). I have been to so many talks in my life, but I was literally tingling listening to the students. Not just one, but many of them. There were subjects that I had little to no interest in that were so riveting it blew my mind. I have no idea how this happened but it’s happened; the level of presentation of the 2016 graduates (who ALL got into their first choice universities) was incredible. It makes the whole thing worthwhile. -JH