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John with bamboo umbrella

The bamboo craftsmen of China

When I went to China recently, I visited 4 craftsmen taking bamboo to new heights. The paper maker, the basket weaver, the flute maker and the umbrella artisan were so cool. The Bamboo Paper Makers The bamboo being soaked for a month until they can pulp it. Huge stone used to grind the bamboo into fine powder The paper maker goes to the water, picks up a thin layer of pulp on the screen. Then lays it down to dry as paper. Thin, thin paper. A video posted by John Hardy (@greenbyjohn) on Jan 2, 2017 at 3:16am PST     Brushes to smooth the pulp. The Bamboo Lamp Weaver The Bamboo Flute Carvers   A video posted by John Hardy (@greenbyjohn) on Jan 2, 2017 at 10:02pm PST The Bamboo Umbrella Makers The umbrella factory was a curious thing. It’s in the house of people who own a huge bamboo property and they’re getting paid a fortune for that bamboo. They also make these 3 meter bamboo umbrellas. So cool. Bamboo bones and paper. …

From Yuhang Rong Design Library

Incredible bamboo design in China at the Design Library

I went to China to speak in December. This conference I went to was in the middle of bamboo land in China. It was incredible to speak there. Many people in audience had never seen a real bamboo building. I also visited and spoke at the From Yuhang Rong Design Library. Incredible space and cool people. In their words: “FROM YUHANG RONG DESIGN LIBRARY” is built by PINWU Design Studio and Yuhang Government in Hangzhou China. It focuses on Chinese traditional handcraft research and each material deconstruction from the craft. The Library offers designers Chinese traditional materials such as bamboo, paper, clay, porcelain, copper, silver, silk, etc. Remains of ancient Chinese folk culture are still to be found, hidden in villages. Library is passionate collecting the knowledge from the old craftsman. They are doing wonderful things with bamboo and natural materials, like this lamp of bamboo paper. Clay top tables- completely organic. When you touch it, you’re in heaven. Curved tops. Reusable cups in the old enamelware style. Bamboo lamps made with bamboo paper. Award-winning paper pulp …

John Hardy and Sampah Jujur tshirt

How much is this t-shirt worth?

This t-shirt supports women at risk (many of the women who make them are on work release at the Metawear Factory), organic cotton farmers and spinners, and organic dye. We’re selling Sampah Jujur t-shirts for $18, which is what they cost to make. When you buy this t-shirt for more than $18, you are contributing to Sampah Jujur and everything else this t-shirt stands for. It’s 100% for good and made without harm. So, how much do you think this t-shirt is really worth? Grab yours in the Green by John Shop.  

John Hardy with The King of Bhutan

Travel notes from Bhutan

I recently went on a trip to Bhutan on the invitation of the Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay. I met him when he spoke at TED and he expressed interest in Green School. I went with two friends, George and Craig. Craig has written a  guest post below about our experience in the kingdom. —JH   Words by Craig Tindale, a Green Entrepreneur, Hacker and Inventor based in Vaucluse, Sydney with 35 years experience in executive leadership roles in the technology industry across Asia. Background in green health projects across Asia including dengue (Philippines) and tick (Sydney) eradication. Father of 4 students starting at Green School in April 2017.  “Flying in from Calcutta I first started catching glimpses of the Himalayas about 40 minutes away from landing in Pero. As we drew closer the mountains began to rise up to meet the plane and then almost without noticing it the mountains were higher than us. I filmed the arrival but the video doesn’t catch how close those mountains were to the plane and how high they were above …

Sand dunes in Mongolia

Travel notes from Mongolia

Mongolia is a place everyone should visit, maybe even more than once. It’s a crazy little country with 2.8 million people. More goats than people. We are going through a climate event right now which has caused huge rains in the Gobi Desert. The flocks keep growing and the goats become cashmere. The sheep become dinner. But the people there live an amazing horse culture like many places in the world; I think there are more horses than sheep. The horses are beautiful. They race them and have all sorts of Mongolian rodeo tricks, like jumping from horse to horse 16 times in 20 seconds. They live for their horses. They live in ger (yurts) which can go up and down in 45 minutes. They move with their flocks. But things are sadly changing. The Soviets decimated the culture, destroyed the Buddhist libraries and culture. They tried to make communal farms out of the desert. Their tentacles are still there; it’s really a ‘carry your own bag’ culture. The people are really lovely. Sleeping in …

Ubud kids selling garbage to Sampah Jujur

Ubud schools joining the fight against plastic with Sampah Jujur

Public schools around Sayan in Ubud, Bali are starting to take advantage of their trash problem. Sampah Jujur volunteers Ibu Kadek, Pak Ketut and their son, Gian, also part of the Green School family, have been visiting a few schools around the Sampah Jujur HQ in Sayan, Bali, to share the news that Sampah Jujur is now buying plastic to be recycled. Today, SMP N 2 Ubud (a public middle school) and five SD (public elementary schools) are partnering up with Sampah Jujur to sort their trash and get cash in return for their recyclables. Sampah Jujur, led by John Hardy, hosts a trash walk every day (except for Sundays) starting at 7am from Bambu Indah. Many individuals that share a passion to make Bali cleaner and plastic-free joins the trash walk and help to sort their trash haul into different categories of garbage. Sampah Jujur HQ is located in a traditional market in Sayan and next to a public elementary school, so local residents have started to ask questions and learn what it is all about. …

Joe Crossley

MEET: Joe Crossley, new media artist

One of the extended Bambu Indah and trash walking family, Joe Crossley is someone you need to meet.  We had a conversation on energy and what Joe thinks we should be doing to save the world from humankind. About Joe I am  a new media artist.  I use technology to deliver communication points. I work in projection mapping, but I have a background as a scientist, as a marine biologist. A lot of my art is science- focused; I have a PHD in data systems – how we perceive data, from reading a book or talking to people.  (For more on Joe, check out his website and portfolio.)   On dangers of ‘green energy’ How are we going to get out of the problem that we are roller coasting into? The problem at the moment is the conspiracy of the green energy world- about how and where our energy comes from. How we are creating the energy? What does it take to create that  energy? What are the output and the implications around it? When China …

Trash ATM in Bali

SEE: The trash vending machines of Bali

The team at Asia Pura showed me videos of these trash machines in Europe. They dump in huge loads of garbage and these machines just sort it. They have scanners to search the trash at a million frames a second and identify it and air is used to blow it into the right place. Trash vending machines are also amazing. You put in bottles and get money out. They’re here in Bali and Denpasar. It scans the bottle and know what it is and pays you based on the material. Super sophisticated. I’ve asked for one for Green School. -JH Asia Pura is a company based in Macau which operates in the sector of solid waste recycling, combining Indonesian, Italian and Portuguese know-how and capital. The company is developing a plastic (PET) and aluminum recycling project in the island of Bali, in Indonesia and installing and equipping a factory as well as placing in various public places a number of automatic collection machines for selective plastic bottles and aluminum cans. People insert plastic bottles and …

Elora Hardy at C2 Montreal 2016

4 of my favorite speakers from C2 Montreal 2016

C2 was better than ever. More going on, more food, better organized. Really incredible group of people there. The Hatch group were there and they are so much fun. They really give C2 a real boost. My personal highlight was, of course, my daughter Elora. Because of C2’s history with Cirque Du Soleil, the audiovisual is incredible. When I saw Elora standing in her pictures, it was incredible. Standing in her work or even in a picture with me. Her talk was beautiful. It really emphasized the importance of people connecting with the earth when they build. David Suzuki was so clear and eloquent. He is Canada’s original environmentalist. His show has been running since 1960. I got to meet him personally; he is amazing. The main takeaway from his talk was that the tides, the winds and the rotation of the earth are all things we really can’t change, although we are messing with them. But artificial systems, like the market, can be changed. And Suzuki pushed that point home by standing in a …

Irina Pantaeva and Carina Hardy collaboration

SEE: Mermaid tails and prosthetic dresses

Carina Hardy is currently studying Art History with a concentration in Visual Arts and Design at Barnard College, Columbia University. Here a few of her latest projects and musings. For her full portfolio head over to her website. THE PROSTHETIC DRESS, 2016 The metal prosthetic dress inspired by Victorian era dresses that blend with nature in a weird way. Wearing this dress allows women to pee inconspicuously in public. It begins with a hoop skirt that ended up being a body skirt so when someone’s wears the dress and squats in public to pee, nobody will even know what she is doing. The headpiece is inspired by the fan palm, adding to the camouflage effect. Giant hair is part of the signature of the Victorian era and having the big headpiece creates that effect. Here it is modeled by legendary model Irina Pantaeva. Irina added one of her pieces from her Peaceful Warrior project- repurposing military canvas into new items such as coats and skirts over the metal hoop. INFLATABLE MERMAID TAIL – Sculpture I, 2016 I imagined …